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At Priority Mobility you’ll find a full range of vehicle entry and cabin options to fit your lifestyle. All from BraunAbility® - the world’s most trusted name in mobility vehicles for more than 40 years.

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Just Getting Started With Accessible Vehicles?

There are lots of BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicles and options to choose from. Determining which is right for you, starts here.

Side Entry vs.
Rear Entry
Side-Entry Van example

Side-Entry Vans

  • Gives you extra room for maneuverability because some or all of the floor has been lowered
  • Users can typically drive or ride in the first row (except for CompanionVan)
  • Users can also ride securely in the second row
  • Good fit for communities with plenty of handicap or parallel parking due to ramp deployment

Rear-Entry Van example

Rear-Entry Vans

  • Users ride from the second row to the rear via a channel
  • Offers plenty of ground clearance because most of the van's floor has not been modified and the rear is slightly elevated
Standard Height vs.
Extra Tall
Standard Height Van example

Standard Height Vans

  • Between 52.5" to 55" of headroom at the doorway's ramp entrance

Extra Tall (XT) Height Van example

Extra Tall (XT) Height Vans

  • Over 55" at the doorway's ramp entrance
Infloor Ramp vs.
Foldout Ramp
In-Floor Ramp Van example

Infloor Ramp

  • No ramp deployment required for entry and exit
  • Ramp concealment helps the interior look closer to that of a standard minivan
  • High curbs may be a problem during deployment
  • Ramp maintenance is possible because ramp tends to collect more debris

Foldout Ramp Van example

Foldout Ramp

  • Puts easy entry and exit within reach when you deploy the ramp over the curb
  • Allows user to push out and deploy the foldout ramp in case of an emergency
  • Less debris is collect resulting in less ramp maintenance
  • Ramp must be deployed for entry or exit through
Manual Ramp vs.
Power Ramp
Manual Ramp Van example

Manual Ramp

  • Offered on some BraunAbility wheelchair vans
  • Ideal for users who will always travel with a companion who can access the ramp easily
  • Cost-effective mobility option
  • Available on both side-entry and rear-entry vehicles

Side-Entry Van example

Power Ramp

  • Provides exceptional convenience
  • Key fob remote opens the door, deploys the ramp and kneels the van
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